The best tours you can’t miss in Ica Peru

Are you in Lima and are wondering what tours you can enjoy outside the city? Why not visit Ica? Only a few hours away from Lima, Ica is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day of adventures surrounded by nature, mystery and a warm weather. Keep reading to know the best tours in Ica, […]

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Main Square Lima Peru

The best tours you can’t miss in Lima Peru

Are you wondering what tours can you enjoy during your stay in Lima, Peru?Don’t worry! We have made a  list of the best tours and places to visit in our city. Keep reading to know how to make your stay in the “City of Kings” unforgettable. Chinatown tour with Food Tasting Chinatown is a place […]

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como llegar a monumental callao

Dive into Lima’s artistic scene at Monumental Callao

Monumental Callao is located in the district of Callao and has become in recent years a touristic place full of art, music and color, visited by many tourists and locals. The port district of Callao was founded in 1537 by Spanish colonists and quickly became the principle port for Spanish commerce in the Pacific. However […]

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The best free apps to edit photos

If you love traveling and taking photos of absolutely everything that happened during your trip, then keep reading this article! We have made a list of the best free apps for Android and IOS that you can use to edit your pictures and share the best parts of your trip in social media. Snapseed This […]

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What desserts to try in Lima Peru?

Do you love sweets and desserts? Then Lima is the perfect destination for you! Here you will find a huge variety of unique desserts that will make a lasting impression in your taste buds. Read our list to find out our recommendations! Picarones This dessert looks like a doughnut. It is made by frying a […]

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Where to buy souvenirs and do some shopping in Lima Peru?

If you want to bring something special to your friends and family from your visit to Peru, make sure to visit these wonderful shops in Lima that are recommended by locals. 1.Indian Market Av. Petit Thouars 5245, Miraflores At the Indian Market or ‘mercado indio’ you will find a wide variety of souvenirs. From alpaca […]

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Delicious food to try in Ica Peru

In case you are traveling to Ica, Peru and are wondering about its typical dishes and gastronomy, here we have made a list of the best food to try in Ica and some restaurants where you can enjoy them! Carapulcra: This dish is a mix of Afro-Peruvian, Andean and Spanish culture and its main ingredient […]

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10 tips to enjoy your trip to Lima, Peru to the fullest

Lima is an exciting city to explore and can be the perfect place for adventure. Known for its delicious food, Pisco sour, breathtaking sunsets and urban art scene, Lima is certainly a city that will surprise you and will make you want to come back once your trip is over. At Travel Buddies we want […]

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Everything you need to know about pisco sour

A glass of pisco, a spoonful of sugar, egg white, lemon sole discretion were the only ingredients that were used in the early preparations. Undoubtedly, the history of Pisco Sour is an issue still pending for books of Peruvian cuisine and not necessarily by the lack of information. On the contrary, there are many versions […]

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Huacachina Lagoon 5 interesting facts about this place

The legendary origin of Huacachina There are several legends about the origin of the lagoon in the middle of Ica desert. Perhaps the most poetic and romantic whatever it tells how he got here a maiden from the nearby town of Tacaraca. This was a remote place, and she came here to mourn the death […]

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San Francisco Convent in Lima Peru

These are 6 data you should know about Lima in its 484 anniversary

7 fun facts you did not know the capital of Peru Lima celebrates 484 years of foundation this January 18 and to celebrate it like all Peruvian you must know these 6 curious facts History It was in 1535 when Francisco Pizarro who sought a place on the coast of Peru for the ‘City of […]

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Chicha Morada: Refreshing Nectar of the Peruvian Andes

Did you know that chicha morada It is the flagship drink of Peru, exquisite aroma and refreshing taste? The purple chicha is a drink native Andean region of Peru. Its main input is purple corn, which is a Peruvian corn variety widely grown in the Andes. Chicha Morada history Its history and consumption was already […]

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Meet the Catacombs of Lima.

The Catacombs of Lima are crypts that served members of associations of Catholic faithful, located at the bottom of the church of San Francisco and are considered by the church as a historical heritage. His style is very similar to those found in Paris. Undoubtedly one of the good choices to make in Lima. The […]

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