The importance of the Ballestas Islands, Nazca, and Huacachina lines as National Natural Heritage

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Ica is a very attractive region due to the different attractions that can be found in it. Located about 250 kilometers South of Lima, much of its territory consists of a big desert with valleys and a small part of the mountains.

If we talk about history we will find different Pre-Inca cultures that settled in the area such as: Paracas, Nazca or Chincha.

Travel Buddies participates sustainably in this area with its main attractions: Paracas National Reserve, Pisco Route, Huacachina and the Nazca Lines.

Paracas National Reserve

Recognized as such since 1975, it is undoubtedly famous for the Ballestas Islands, located in the Pacific Ocean, near the coast of Peru.

Tourism is carried out responsibly in this area, respecting the limits and living space of local wildlife.

The visits to these islands are made through our local partners who provide us with a service that meets the standards required by the Peruvian government.

The Paracas Bay
Photo by Choji Itosu

Pisco route

The Pisco route has existed since 2004, due to the tourists’ great interest in knowing the preparation process of the famous Pisco Sour. This is how Ica, which has one of the largest grape productions in the country, became famous.

During this tour we visit a small family-owned winery, where they show us the traditional process of making Pisco. Here, the grape is also used as a fertilizer in order to recycle waste efficiently. 

Pisco Route at a local family’s winery


This is Ica’s main landscape attraction. It consists of a lagoon surrounded by sand dunes that are part of the desert of Ica. This natural beauty is a very popular place where you can also do activities such as Buggy rides and Sandboarding. In recent years, mass tourism has deteriorated the place a little, through waste, mainly plastic. With our visits we try to motivate tourists to help us collect some waste and then place it in a recycling site. We also help buggy drivers understand the importance of preserving this place.

Buggy ride in Ica’s sand dunes

Nazca lines

The Nazca lines are ancient geoglyphs found in the pampas of Jumana, in the region of Ica. They were drawn by the Nazca culture and are made up of several hundred figures that range from designs as simple as lines to complex figures.

Aerial view of the Nazca Lines

Since 1994, they have been named by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. However, in recent years they have suffered serious damage from the construction of the Pan-American highway and the off-road tracks. That is why we make our visits by flying over them on a plane. In this way, we allow tourists to see them from a safe distance and avoid any damage to the intangible area.

As we see, sustainability is an important aspect of the work we do. Through our tours we create awareness about the preservation of the cultural heritage in the city of Ica. In addition, we contribute to the local economy and empowerment of Pisco producer families.

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