Some Cusco tips for travellers

Prepare for your adventure.


Things to know before your trip

Cusco, 3400 metres over sea level, is known as ‘the bellybutton of the world’ because it was the major city in the Inca Empire. It is actually the most visited city in Peru because of its impressive architecture, history and spirituality. Cusco is a fun mixture of culture, art, nature and good food and is perfect to get out of the routine.


Cusco has a semi-dry and cold climate and has two seasons. During the dry season (May to October) temperature can vary from 0ºC (32ºF) to 18ºC (64ºF) at daytime. During the rain season (November to April) temperatura can go from 8ºC (46ºF) to 18ºC (64ºF).

Where to stay

The best place to stay is in the Historic centre because it is near a lot of touristic places. We recommend staying near the Town Square where you will find a lot of things to do: museums, restaurants, clubs and shops. Another option is the neighbourhood of San Blas, known as the ‘artisan district’. This is a more residential area where you will find colonial houses, art galleries and artisan shops. In both places you will be able to find four or five stars hotels for ($150 per night) or hostels (around $11 per night).


Getting around and exploring

What clothes to wear?

You can wear lightweight clothing during the day such as cotton t-shirts and hat to protect yourself from the sun. During the rain season it is better to wear a warm jacket, a raincoat, some gloves and a scarf.

Food and drink

Cusco has many delicious dishes! You can try the ‘adobo’, a juicy dish made from pork meat. You can also order ‘chicharron’, ‘cuy al horno’ or Chairo, a traditional soup made from lamb meat, vegetables, potatoes and beans.


Nice places to visit

In the city

• Cusco Town Square. • Cathedral of Cusco • Neighborhood and temple of San Blas

Outside the city

• Visit a vineyard and have a taste of delicious wine and Pisco. • Fly over the Nazca lines. • Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Huacachina Lagoon. • Visit the Ballestas islands and enjoy the view of the wildlife (sea lions, pelicans, penguins, etc). • Have fun sandboarding in the dunes. • Visit Cachiche Town, which, according to the legend, was known for its witches.

Cusco Tours

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Quadbikes tour Maras Moray Salineras

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Humantay Lake full day Cusco

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