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At Travel Buddies we don’t only create a local experience, full of anecdotes and fun adventures. Our work has a social and cultural impact that benefits our country.  An example of this is our cultural project based in the Callao district which involves turning local residents into tour guides and enabling them to share their culture. Here is a summary of how we create sustainability with this project.

For many people the Castilla neighborhood in Callao is one of the most dangerous areas, not only in Lima but also in Peru.

Currently this area is considered National Cultural Heritage since it contains buildings with European-style influence from the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century that were present during many important historical events.

Since 2015 this area has undergone a positive turn since private investment managed to recover some buildings and remodel them into galleries where art exhibitions are shown and space is given for live concerts, art workshops and restaurants. This place is called Monumental Callao and is one of the up-and-coming cultural areas in the city.

Through our touristic experiences, we seek to give this place another chance and continue with the change, involving the residents and inviting them to be part of it.

Travel Buddies as a company is committed to providing an experience created by locals following the quality and safety standards that this type of visit requires.

Social impact

We seek to involve the local population by making them the tour guides, making them tell their experiences in the neighborhood such as anecdotes and some important facts.

Many want to guide the tourists and few try to learn English. Tourists highly value this as it demonstrates an effort of the residents to communicate with them and show their appreciation. Being in touch with the locals gives the chance to the travelers to have first-hand information and listen to stories from someone who lives there.

Local resident giving a tour of his neighborhood

Economic impact

Like any job, this generates an income for those involved since, little by little, more people want to be part of this experience.

Also, as a side effect, small local stores or businesses have the opportunity to offer their products and generate extra income.

como llegar a monumental callao
Local stores in Monumental Callao

Environmental impact

The constant presence of visitors and tourists makes the residents worry about keeping the streets clean. It is important to consider that the regional government helps by providing an efficient collection and processing of waste system.

Cultural impact

Our work also inspires respect for historical monuments, old mansions and the effort of keeping them in good condition. This is something very important because, being this area part of the National Cultural Heritage, it is necessary for it to have good maintenance by the residents to achieve a positive impact.

In conclusion, sustainability is an important aspect of the work we do. Through our tours we integrate a group of the population, not often visible, to cultural activities. Achieving, in this way, a job opportunity for them and a sense of empowerment.

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