The importance of the Historic Center of Lima as National Cultural Heritage

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At Travel Buddies we are not only concerned with creating a local experience, full of anecdotes and fun adventures. Our work has a cultural impact and contributes to the economy of small entrepreneurs. An example of this is the impact of our culinary tours in the Historic Center of Lima. Here is a summary of how we create sustainability in this area.

The Historical Center

The Historic Center of Lima has been considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1990. This area receives most of the local and foreign tourists, not only for the museums and monuments that can be visited here but also for its architectural beauty.

Around the city centre there is a rarely visited area by foreign tourists which is the Central Market. This building was completed in the 1960s and one of the largest Chinese colonies in South America is settled in its surroundings. This area is full of commerce, street food and some traditional restaurants.

Travel Buddies is characterized for being committed to the development of local economies through its unconventional touristic experiences following the guidelines of sustainable tourism.

Tourist enjoying a delicious breakfast at the Central Market
Photo by Choji Itosu

Economic Impact

One of our best-selling and most successful experiences is “Flavors & Tradition“. In this tour we visit the Central Market and Chinatown. Throughout the tour, the tourists can try a wide variety of fruits or some snacks that are bought from local producers in the market or from small food vendors that offer Chinese snacks or the famous “potato with egg”, typical of our country.

Chinatown in Lima Peru
Entrance to Chinatown in Lima, Peru

Cultural impact

Our tours also have a cultural impact because our tour guides try to inspire respect for our main buildings through the narration of our history and traditions. The success of this tour is the immersion of the traveler in our culture.

As we see, sustainability is an important part of the work we do. Through our tours we create awareness about the preservation of cultural heritage in the Historic Center of Lima. In addition, we allow small entrepreneurs to make themselves known and increase their income, thus achieving their empowerment.

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