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During these times of quarantine and social distancing, we must find new things to do at home and a good option is to sit on a comfy couch and enjoy some art. Thanks to Google and its Arts & Culture feature, many museums around the world can be visited online! So, until you can travel to Peru, here we bring you 3 of the best museums in Lima, Peru for you to visit online. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

1. Larco Museum

This museum is perfect to start learning about Peruvian history. The museum showcases chronological galleries that provide a thorough overview of 5,000 years of Peruvian pre-Columbian history and also an exhibit of pottery and jewellery.

Larco Museum Lima Peru

2. MATE – Mario Testino Museum

Mario Testino is considered one of the most famous Peruvian photographers, and in this museum he showcases his best photos in the fashion and celebrity industry. The most popular room being the one dedicated to Princess Diana.

Mario Testino Museum in Lima Peru

3. Pedro de Osma Museum

This museum is located inside a century-old mansion in Barranco and exhibits Peruvian artistic pieces from the fifth to the eighteenth century. Here you will see Ancient Peruvian pieces made in the Southern Andes and artworks from the Viceroyalty of Peru, including paintings, sculptures, furniture, and silver.

These are just some of the amazing museums you can visit online while you plan your next vacations in Peru. We hope you enjoy the virtual exhibits and learn more about Peruvian culture!

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