5 documentaries about Peru you must watch before visiting our country

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Peru is without a doubt one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Its historical heritage, the diversity and beauty of its natural regions and the friendliness of its inhabitants make this country one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

Whatever your interests are, you will find what you were looking for in Peru: history, archeology, nature, sports, adventure and delicious food.

Before your dream trip to Peru there are some documentaries you can watch online to have a sneak peek of all the things you will find in this wonderful country. Keep reading to find out our recommendations.

1. Pacificum

This documentary, directed by Mariana Tschudi, will delight you with overwhelming aerial, terrestrial and underwater shots of Peru and its Pacific Ocean.

In “Pacificum”, the producers of the documentary interviewed prominent scientists such as Rodolfo Salas, vertebrate paleontologist, Yuri Hooker, marine biologist, and other science influencers who will increase your interest in knowing all that our Peru has to offer.

2. Peru dedicated to Lima by National Geographic

On 2017 we celebrated 196 years since Peru’s independence. To honor this special date, National Geographic premiered a series of documentaries about Peru called “Let’s Celebrate Peru“. These were broadcast throughout Latin America.

3. Peru, hidden Treasure

This 80 minute documentary by Luis Ara explores Peru’s culture and secrets. The production work was carried out from 2016 and part of 2017, where the team had the opportunity to travel throughout the Peruvian territory, capturing the most surprising images of its nature, flora, fauna and ancient architectures.

The film covers the ancient culture of Peru’s ancestors, its beautiful landscapes, culinary culture, natural places and those that have not yet been discovered by world tourism. Without moving from your home, visit Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, the Amazon river, the entire coast and its main beaches.

These are our recommendations of the best documentaries to know more about our country. We hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to plan your next vacation to Peru!

4. Street Food

⁠The episode about Peru walks you through Lima’s delicious food and unique flavors such as ceviche, picarones and anticuchos. It also dives into the interesting life stories of the people who sell them on the streets.⁠⁠ You can find this docuseries on Netflix.

5. Down to Earth by Zac Efron

There are two episodes about Peru in this docuseries. On the first one, Zac Efron takes you on a journey to visit one of Lima’s most famous restaurants and a local market and then to practice sandboarding in Chilca. On the second one he travels to the mysterious Peruvian jungle to experience an spiritual healing session.⁠ You can find this docuseries on Netflix.

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