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The Catacombs of Lima are crypts that served members of associations of Catholic faithful, located at the bottom of the church of San Francisco and are considered by the church as a historical heritage. His style is very similar to those found in Paris. Undoubtedly one of the good choices to make in Lima.

The entrance to the catacombs of Lima is from the hall porter, from there begins the history and artistic elements that make life in the place, which include floor tiles, paintings and sculptures of saints.

The tour guide will definitely capture your attention with the history of the place, the origin of architectural and religious elements, the regular work of the Franciscan friars and the rooms within the convent of San Francisco.

Walking through the catacombs

The tour of the catacombs of Lima is entirely underground and takes about 30 minutes.

Those who visit can see the vaults built with brick, masonry, while at the bottom you can see how the bodies were accommodated for better distribution.


It is estimated that once must hold at least a 25 thousand people.

It’s amazing how some bones and skulls, tibias, femurs and fibulas are preserved.

Peru Travel Buddies takes you to the catacombs have become a tourist and historical indole that has rocked more than one visitor.

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