Chicha Morada: Refreshing Nectar of the Peruvian Andes

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Did you know that chicha morada It is the flagship drink of Peru, exquisite aroma and refreshing taste?

The purple chicha is a drink native Andean region of Peru. Its main input is purple corn, which is a Peruvian corn variety widely grown in the Andes.

Chicha Morada history

Its history and consumption was already widespread in ancient times, before the establishment of the Inca Empire. The native cultures of Peru, such as the Moche culture, 2500 years ago, managed to domesticate and cultivate the purple corn, a wonderful cereal full of antioxidants and healing properties, and considered sacred. In Inca times this corn was used in offerings and folkloric rites.

Chicha Morada properties

The purple corn contains high anthocyanins (Cianin-3-glucose or C3G, the main dye) and phenol compounds also have functional and bioactive properties with a high antioxidant capacity. Among other benefits it is scientifically proven that the purple pigment prevents the development of colon cancer.

In addition, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, promotes good blood circulation, protect blood vessels from oxidative damage, improve microcirculation, is antiinflammatory, fosters connective tissue regeneration and promotes collagen formation.

There is no excuse not to enjoy a refreshing chicha when you’re in Peru with Travel Buddies Peru.

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