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In case you are traveling to Ica, Peru and are wondering about its typical dishes and gastronomy, here we have made a list of the best food to try in Ica and some restaurants where you can enjoy them!


This dish is a mix of Afro-Peruvian, Andean and Spanish culture and its main ingredient is “dried potato”. It also contains ground peanuts, aji panca (chili), pork, and onion. It is delicious to eat this dish fresh from the stove.

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Sopa seca (Dry soup)

Usually served with carapulcra. The base of the dish are noodles seasoned with different herbs and spices, such as red pepper and garlic. This dish is sometimes accompanied with chicken or pork meat.

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Pallares (lima beans):

They are usually prepared stewed and served with fried fish, but they can also be cooked with onions, cheese, and milk.

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Shrimp coctel

This dish consists of boiled shrimps served in a cup with mayonnaise, avocado, eggs, kétchup and lettuce.

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Pisco Sour

Of course you cannot leave Ica withour trying this typical drink made of Pisco, lime juice, syrup and egg whites.

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This popular dessert is covered in chocolate or in a sugar and lime coating. It is usually filled with caramel, nuts, lime, etc.

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Frejol Colado (strained beans)

This desser is made of but it doesn’t taste like beans because it also contains molasses, sugar, milk and cloves.

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Restaurant recommendations

  • El cordón y la Rosa: This is a modern peruvian bistro that specializes in seafood but has a wide variety of dishes. It is very popular so it is likely to find the tables a Little crammed in.
  • Plaza 125: This restaurant is located in the main square and here you will be able to order typical dishes as well as international food. It is popular with locals and offers a good price for lunch.
  • El Portón Café Ole: If you are looking for a homemade touch, two blocks away from the plaza you will find this cozy restaurant located inside a colonial house. Here you will find peruvian and local dishes at a good price and delicious Pisco made from grapes from a vineyard in the restaurant.
  • Helena: This shop is located near the plaza and is famous for its chocolates and sweets. Here you will be able to buy some tejas. And if you have extra time, you can visit the factory on the southside of town where you can see chocolates being made.

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