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A glass of pisco, a spoonful of sugar, egg white, lemon sole discretion were the only ingredients that were used in the early preparations.

Undoubtedly, the history of Pisco Sour is an issue still pending for books of Peruvian cuisine and not necessarily by the lack of information. On the contrary, there are many versions that indicate the origin of this marriage, why we will present the most successful.

Some indicate that emerged from the Morris Bar, where the owner Victor V. Morris, accompanied by illustrious visitors, invited his friends to try selling a cocktail.

This character also advertised as spreading the presentation in several printed editions. He even come to Lima a grandson of Morris sponsored by a supermarket chain and was even unveiled a bust of Mr. Morris in the Parque de la Amistad in Surco.

One of the first recipes dating from 1903 indicate “a glass of Pisco, a spoonful of sugar, egg white, lemon sole discretion, pour in a cocktail shaker, shake and serve in cocktail glasses then, his ponchecito name.”

This was one of the guides who knew about an alleged punch then be called Pisco Sour for its similarity in ingredients.

Many people suggest that the Hotel Bolivar was the place where this drink was created; however, a rather peculiar detail is to bring down this assumption. The hotel opened in 1924 and the famous cocktail already spoke since 1900. Perhaps the reason is related to mentioned is because many of the guests have tasted this drink only in that place and have been delighted hotel.

Now we leave you with the ingredients and preparation of the legendary Pisco Sour preparing Eloy Cuadros Hotel Maury.


3 ounces pisco

1 ounce simple syrup

2 ounces lemon juice

Ice to taste


All the ingredients you put in the same order and direct shaker. At the end, serve it slowly so that the foam remains at the end. The last step is to place a few drops of ‘Angostura bitters’.


It called ‘Pisco Sour Catedral’ because, according to historians, had meetings lords after Mass in places like ‘La Catedral’ ‘Santo Domingo’ or ‘La Merced’ to make pisco sour. One ordered a Pisco Sour double and location, termed as ‘Cathedral’.

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