These are 6 data you should know about Lima in its 484 anniversary

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7 fun facts you did not know the capital of Peru

Lima celebrates 484 years of foundation this January 18 and to celebrate it like all Peruvian you must know these 6 curious facts:


It was in 1535 when Francisco Pizarro who sought a place on the coast of Peru for the ‘City of Kings’. To this end, he appointed three commissioners who considered the seat of Lima was the most suitable.

Thus, Pizarro founded a new city. The City of Kings devotion and memory of the Magi. As time passed, the city acquired the name of Lima, which was the name used by the Indians.

Dialect Lima’s

Lima dialect is known as the coastal Peruvian Spanish, which is characterized by the lack of strong intonations. It has been strongly influenced by the historical Spanish spoken in Castile.

One of the most populated cities

Lima is located in fifth place among the most populated cities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

World’s smallest church

In the capital, it is the world’s smallest church. It is the Chapel Bridge, located in the block 2 Jr. Trujillo in downtown Lima.

Quechua hablantes

Product migration, Lima has the highest number of people who speak Quechua, according to the Bureau of Indian Language of the Ministry of Culture.

Asian presence

In Lima the largest Chinese community in Latin America and the second Japanese community lives throughout Latin America.

Mini Palacio de Gobierno

In the Av. Arequipa is a miniature copy of the Government Palace, we refer to the Casona Suarez.


A castle in Lima

The Rospigliosi Castle, in the heart of Santa Beatriz, is a place that, incredible as it may seem, few know.

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