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Do you love sweets and desserts? Then Lima is the perfect destination for you! Here you will find a huge variety of unique desserts that will make a lasting impression in your taste buds. Read our list to find out our recommendations!

1. Picarones

Photo credits: comidaperuana.life

This dessert looks like a doughnut. It is made by frying a mix of sweet potato and squash and served with “chancaca”, a syrup prepared of raw unrefined sugar, and usually flavored with the essence of orange and cinnamon.

Where can you try it?

In Kennedy park! Here you will find many dessert street vendors that offer a variety of Peruvian desserts for a very cheap price

2. Mazamorra morada

Photo credits: perudelights.com

Believe it or not this purple pudding is made of corn! It has a thick texture that is obtained by mixing potato flour or cornstarch, purple corn, and fruits like pineapple and quince. Cinnamon and cloves are also included to make it spicy.

Where can you try it?

This dessert is also sold by street vendors in Kennedy Park. So you’d better visit it with an empty stomach!

3. Alfajores

Photo credits: perudelights.com

This is a sandwich cookie filled with manjar blanco (a sweet caramel cream) and topped with powdered sugar. There are many varieties of this dessert; the cookie is sometimes made with flour or cornstarch. And the filling can also vary. Some use chocolate and others use honey. Make sure to try them all!

Where can you try it?

There is a famous Alfajor place in Lima called “La Casa del Alfajor”. It has many shops and also one in Miraflores near Kennedy Park in Balta shopping mall (Av. Bajada Balta # 650)

4. Crema Volteada

Photo credits: comidasperuanas.net

The translation of this dessert’s name is “upside down cream”. It is a flan made from ingredients such as whole milk, sugar, eggs, and vanilla and topped off with caramel.

Where can you try it?

You can find this dessert in many restaurants and even supermarkets like Wong, Plaza Vea or Metro.

5. Suspiro a la Limeña

Photo credits: es.tastemade.com

The name of this dessert translates as “Sigh of Lima Lady”. This is a super sweet dessert made of manjar blanco (caramel), egg yolks, and meringue. The poet, Jose Galvez, (whose wife invented the recipe) named it so for its light texture, which reminded him of the sigh of a woman.

Where can you try it?

This dessert is also sold by street vendors in Kennedy Park.

6. Turrón de Doña pepa

Photo credits: quericavida.com

This is a colorful nougat with anise and sesame seeds as its main ingredients. It also has candy sprinkles as decoration. This dessert is very popular during the holy month of October to honor “El Senor de Los Milagros” or the “Lord of miracles”.

Where can you try it?

You can buy this dessert in supermarkets and also at San José shops (the most popular brand). You can find one in Miraflores at Av. Petit Thouars 5092

7. Arroz con leche

Photo credits: irecetasfaciles.com

This is a rice pudding that combines rice, milk, cinnamon and sometimes raisins. It is a sweet comfort food that is very popular in Lima.

Where can you try it?

This dessert is also sold by street vendors in Kennedy Park and is sometimes served with mazamorra morada.

8. Desserts made of Lúcuma

Photo credits: worldfood.guide

Lucuma is a typical creamy fruit from Peru and tastes like a mellow sweet potato that’s laced with caramel and maple. Any things are made of Lucuma, such as milkshares, ice cream and other desserts that combine it with chocolate. 

Where can you try it?

You can try lucuma milkshakes at some restaurants like La Bodega Verde in Barranco. Lucuma Ice cream is also sold in every ice cream place in Lima.

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