What is el “Dia de la Cancion Criolla”?

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Ever since 1944, every 31st October we celebrate in Peru “El Día de la Canción Criolla” a day that celebrates creole music, which is defined as a mixture of cultures and music originating in Europe.

With the intention of recognizing the indigenous movement of the time and the rise of Creole music as a symbol of national identity, President Manuel Prado y Ugarteche declared October 31st as the Day of the Creole Song.

On this date, Peruvians go to the “peñas” (a place or bar where people come to eat, drink, and listen to Peruvian folk music) or organize themselves at home to celebrate by drinking Pisco and dancing “polka”, “festejo”, “marinera”, Peruvian waltz and “tondero”. This tradition so representative of Peruvian culture is also practiced in schools and universities and is inherited from generation to generation.

Among the most famous representatives of this musical genre we can find: Chabuca Granda, Augusto Polo Campos, Alicia Maguiña, Lucha Reyes, Eva Ayllón, Susana Baca. Their music is still popular to this day and their musical legacy is an important part of Peru’s musical history.


Video credits: Marca Peru

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