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Cusco Peru

If you are planning an exciting ATV tour to Maras and Moray in Cusco here is a complete guide on what to bring:

1. Identity Card or Passport: Your identity card or passport is essential to register for the tour and for any other necessary paperwork. 

2. Tickets and Reservations: Bring all your tickets and reservations, including confirmation of your ATV tour and any necessary transportation, either printed or on your mobile device. 

3. Comfortable clothes and layers: As the weather in Cusco can change quickly.

4. Proper footwear: Trekking shoes or sneakers with non-slip soles are a must for riding ATVs and walking on uneven terrain.

5. Sun protection: Although it can be cold, the sun at high altitudes can be very strong. 

6. Rain poncho: A lightweight poncho that you can easily stow in your backpack will be very useful to keep you dry in case of rain.

7. Lightweight Backpack: It should be roomy enough for your essentials without being a heavy load.

8. Water and Snacks: Stay hydrated and energized during your ATV adventure.

9. Camera and Batteries: The landscapes of Maras and Moray are breathtaking, so be sure to bring your camera with charged batteries or if you prefer a power bank for your cell phone.

10. Gloves and Scarf: Riding ATVs can expose your hands and neck to the cold wind. 

11. Cash: Many stores and stalls in rural areas do not accept credit cards.

12. Good Humor and Adventurous Spirit

Most importantly, bring a positive attitude and a desire to enjoy yourself. Maras and Moray are places full of history and natural beauty, so be prepared to marvel at every moment.

Extra tips:

Acclimatize: The altitude can be a challenge, so be sure to acclimatize in Cusco for at least a couple of days.

Follow the Instructions: Pay attention to the directions of the guides and drive with caution.

Respect the environment: Don’t leave trash and follow the guides’ directions.

Be well prepared and enjoy this exciting ATV adventure!

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