Where to buy souvenirs and do some shopping in Lima Peru?

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If you want to bring something special to your friends and family from your visit to Peru, make sure to visit these wonderful shops in Lima that are recommended by locals.

1. Indian Market

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Av. Petit Thouars 5245, Miraflores

At the Indian Market or ‘mercado indio’ you will find a wide variety of souvenirs. From alpaca sweaters, scarves, hats and backpacks to ceramics, jewellery and embroidered cushions. The market is a series of small shopping arcades that run from block 52 to 55 of Av. Petit Thouars. Each arcade has a series of small shops that sell the ‘traditional’ Peruvian handcrafts.

2. Dédalo

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Address: Paseo Sáenz Peña 295 Barranco

This shop is located in the bohemian neighborhood of Barranco. Here you will find special and unique presents from local artisans. If you like music, ask the staff for the live jazz concerts they organize every week in their courtyard.

3. Artesanías Las Pallas

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Address: Calle Cajamarca 212 Barranco

If you are looking for a great Peruvian craftsmanship, Las Pallas is a gallery with traditional handicraft. This gallery is owned by a British anthropologist who has been collecting artesanal gems from Peru for decades.

4. Artesanos Don Bosco

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Address: Avenida San Martin 135 Barranco

If you want to support self-employed Peruvian artisans, visit Artesanos Don Bosco. Here you will find beautiful and unique works made by them.

5. Artesanías Pórtico

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Address: Calle Jiron Batalla de Junin 358 Barranco

This place offers artisanal products with a contemporary touch. Here you can find clothes, accessories but also small souvenirs like fridge magnets.

6. Vernácula

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Address: Av. Los Conquistadores 635, San Isidro

Here you can buy clothing from several Peruvian designers. If you want to bring something stylish from Peru you will love this place.

7. Feria ecológica de Barranco and Bioferia Miraflores

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If you want to buy traditional Peruvian delicacies and desserts we recommend you visit one of the ecological markets organized on Sundays. At Feria Ecológica de Barranco and Bioferia Miraflores, you can purchase local coffee, tea, honey, quinoa, maca and other wonderful Peruvian products, all produced by small family businesses.

Now that you know where to buy beautiful souvenirs you just need to open Google Maps and start your gift hunting adventure! These shops are at a walking distance so you can also explore the city while you visit them.

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