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Barranco is a well-known bohemian and artsy neighborhood in Lima where you can spend many hours exploring and discovering new art, restaurants, street performances, museums and music. If you are planning to visit Lima, this is definitely a place you must visit to enjoy a relaxing day full of art and culture. Keep reading to find out the best places to visit and the many activities to enjoy in this area.

1. Visit the Jade Rivera Museum

Jade River is a muralist whose technique and style are determined by his personal experiences and his perspective of the environment in which he lives. Themes like nature and man’s relationship with it are recurrent in his work. This is quite an “under-the-radar” museum and visiting it is a great opportunity to discover new art and live a new experience. 

The museum is located at: Bajada de Baños 349, Barranco

<<If you would like to visit it with us, click here>>

2. Check out the street art

Barranco is one of the best places to enjoy street art. Walk around the streets of this neighborhood and you will find many colorful murals. This makes this area of town very ‘instagramable’ and fun to explore.

3. Visit the Main Square

This is one of the “must-see” places in the area and where all the action takes place. In the middle stands a beautiful colonial church around which you will be able to see many flowers, statues, fountains and also enjoy street performances, live music, an artisan fair and other activities.

Barranco Main Square in Lima Peru
Credits: Christian Vinces / Shutterstock.com

4. Visit the bridge of Sighs

This is a signature place in the area and a great spot to take a souvenir photo. Legend has it that the wealthy owner of one of the neighboring house forbade his daughter to see a lowly street-sweeper who she was in love with. She then spent the rest of her days sighing and crying over her lost love thus the name ‘Bridge of Sighs’. Legend also says that if you make a wish and hold your breath while crossing it this wish will come true. You have to visit it to find out!

5. Bajada de Baños

Heading down from the Bridge of Sighs is the “Bajada de Baños”. A long time ago this area served as a road to lead fishermen to the beach area. Now it is a walkway where you will find many restaurants and bars to hang out at.

Bajada de Baños
Credits: Tripadvisor

6. Eat Peruvian food

Of course, Barranco is also a place where you can enjoy great food. There are many casual restaurants where you can enjoy the famous Peruvian dishes and also on some weekends you can find a street food fair in the Main Square.

7. Buy souvenirs

If you are looking to buy unique and artsy souvenirs, this is the place to go. Barranco is full of galleries and shops where you can buy interesting gifts and souvenirs. In the Main Square you will also find an artisan fair where you can buy all sorts of crafts such as jewellery, toys and other handcrafted goods.

Souvenir shop in Lima Peru

8. Enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset

Visit the “malecón” or boardwalk area where you can have a beautiful view of the sunset and have a relaxing time after a day full of activities. You can also pack some snacks and a blanket and have a picnic while you enjoy the colorful view.

Credits: Kim Kim

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