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Lima is a versatile city where you can find a mix of cultures and different places to have fun, relax and learn about history and art. Lima’s Historic Centre, for instance, is one of the must-see areas in the city. It’s a place that combines beautiful architecture, great food and history. From visiting its picturesque main square to trying delicious snacks in Chinatown or relaxing at a big-scale fountain park, the Historic Centre offers activities for every taste.

Plaza de Armas

Considered part of the Cultural Human Heritage by UNESCO since 2000,

Lima’s Plaza de Armas or Main Square is a great place to take a stroll and appreciate colonial architecture. Here you can also find Lima’s Cathedral, one of the most beautiful and famous attractions in this area. For a local insight, you can also sit on a bench in the middle of the Plaza, grab a snack, relax and watch locals in their daily routines.

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MALI (Lima’s Art Museum)

The Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI holds the most representative art collection in Peru, tracing 3,000 years of history from the earliest Andean civilizations until modern times. MALI also has an active program of temporary exhibitions throughout the year which covers the highlights of local and international art. The museum is located inside “Parque de la Exposición”, a huge park where you can go and take a stroll, relax and appreciate architecture. Visit the Museum’s website for more information.

Lima's Art Museum

Mercado Central

The Central Market is Lima’s most important market. Here you can find fresh fruits and vegetables but also handicrafts, toys, clothes, fabric and even movies! Take your time to explore this huge market and don’t forget to try the delicious food that is offered in the many stalls you will find here. Outside the market you will also find many shops that sell shoes, clothes, toys and cooking tools for a lower price than in most parts of the city.

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Lima is highly influenced by chinese culture because of a huge migratory movement that happened between the 19th and 20th century. In Chinatown you will be able to see the result of this mixture of cultures. The place is located a few blocks away from the Central Market and here you will find delicious snacks, many restaurants and “Chifas”, which is the name Peruvians give to the restaurants that sell chinese food with Peruvian influence. Here you will also find souvenirs and chinese ingredients at a cheaper price so if you like to cook, be ready to do some grocery shopping!

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Chinatown in Lima Peru

San Francisco Church and Catacombs

This is one of the most important examples of colonial architecture in Peru. Visits are by guided tour only and here you can learn about the religious life and culture during the Spanish colonial rule. Highlights include a library with more than 25 000 volumes and the catacombs which are located underneath the Church. Over 30,000 people were buried here until 1808 and they were discovered in 1943. If you like mystery and are intrigued by history take a moment to explore its silent surroundings and crypts filled with human skulls and remains.

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Cordano Tavern

This is one of Lima’s oldest bars and it was built more than 100 years ago. It is a great spot to end a day full of activities. We recommend ordering the “Butifarra” sandwich and, of course, you can’t leave without trying the Traditional Pisco Sour, a drink made of Peruvian Pisco. However, if you are not in the mood for alcohol, you can also order a glass of “chicha morada” a traditional sweet drink made of purple corn.

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Magic Water Circuit

The Magic Water Circuit in “Parque de la Reserva” is a magical place and  it has been included in the Guiness Book of World Records as the world’s largest water fountain complex in a public park. This park has 13 fountains and some of them are interactive. The most popular one is the one named “The Tunnel of Surprises”, a series of water arcs that create a 35 m. long tunnel of water through which you can walk. The highlight of this attraction is the Water Fountain shows held every day. This show combines dancing waters, light and laser beams that dance with the rhythm of the music. See the park’s website to find out the schedule.

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