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Are you wondering what tours can you enjoy during your stay in Lima, Peru?
Don’t worry! We have made a  list of the best tours and places to visit in our city.

Keep reading to know how to make your stay in the “City of Kings” unforgettable.

1. Chinatown tour with Food Tasting

Flavors and tradition in Lima Peru

Chinatown is a place you must visit during your stay in Lima. Don’t miss the experience of taking the Peruvian public transportation on the way to the center of Lima. You can take the Metropolitano from Miraflores and you will be at your destination in 20 minutes. 

The city centre is a very colorful and busy place, but is also full of history. Start your tour walking around one of the biggest commercial areas in Lima and tasting delicious street-food at Chinatown. 

Then you can visit Lima’s Main Square and appreciate Peruvian colonial architecture. Around this famous plaza you can try the best “churros” and of course the Peruvian national drink: Pisco Sour. 

There are also many Menu places nearby where you can try typical dishes such as “Papa a la Huancaina”, a delicious combination of Peruvian potatoes and a yellow chili creamy sauce.

If you want to visit Chinatown with us and taste delicious food book our Flavors & Tradition tour here

Monumental Callao

2. Barranco and Callao City Tour

If you are looking for art and culture, then Callao and Barranco are the right places for you.

Start your tour at Monumental Callao. At the heart of the neighborhood is the old Telegraph building, that was abandoned for many years but now works as an art gallery where you can appreciate paintings, craftwork and visit some stores. The best part of this building is the top terrace which has one of the best views of the area. 

After visiting this very impressive area, you can take a taxi to Barranco, the bohemian district of Lima. The amount of good bars and restaurants makes this place one of the “must-see” attractions in Lima.

Don’t forget to visit MATE, Mario Testino’s Museum. He is considered one of the most famous photographers around the world, and here he makes the exhibition of his best photos. 

The best way to wrap up this colorful afternoon will be to see the sunset near the “malecón” or seaside area and capture the best picture.

If you want to dive into Lima’s artistic scene in Callao and Barranco with us book our Bohemian & Colorful Lima tour here.

San Francisco Convent in Lima Peru

3. Classic City Experience

If you want to have fun and on the way learn about Lima’s history, here is your tour.

Start the day at Huaca Pucllana. This ancient temple is a great adobe and clay pyramid located in the Miraflores district of central Lima, built from seven staggered platforms. 

Continuing this amazing experience, take the “Metropolitano” to the Historical center of Lima. Here you must visit The “Plaza Mayor”, considered part of the Cultural Human Heritage by UNESCO since 2000. When you get there you will understand why.

Close to the “Plaza de Armas” is the San Francisco convent and the Catacombs. This place has a mix of Culture, History and Mystery.  Over here you will see how art was used by the Spanish to teach religion to native Peruvians.

If you want to explore Lima in a private tour, book our Private Classic City Experience here

4. Miraflores walking tour with food and drinks tasting

This tour is a great opportunity for those who like to taste different flavors or want to try some Peruvian dishes while exploring Miraflores, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Lima. 

Start your day visiting a local coffee shop and taste delicious Peruvian specialty coffee. We promise you won’t regret it! Our recommendation is Terrua Cafeteria located at Pasaje Tello 163 – Miraflores.

The second stop must be the Local Market or Mercado de Surquillo. This market is also famous because here you can find products that come from different areas of Peru. Take your time to explore the area and taste some dishes or fruits sold here at a very low price.

After visiting the market have lunch at a seafood restaurant and don’t forget to try ceviche, our best Peruvian dish, made of lime juice, onions and a bit of chili. Here you can order Pisco Sour, one of our famous cocktail elaborated with this Peruvian spirit. Pisco is made of the distillation of the grape and is produced at the south of Lima.

The final stop is Kennedy Park, here you can relax, go for a stroll and taste delicious desserts that are sold in small food stalls around the park. Or if you want to go fancy you can go to Manolo’s and try their delicious churros!

If you want to explore Miraflores and try delicious food with us book our Trending Flavors Tour here

5. Night City tour with pisco tasting

Get a different view of Lima by touring the city during the night! Your first stop will be “Parque de la reserva” and the Magic Circuit of water. This park is a beautiful and fun place full of colorful fountains. See the schedule for the fountain show at the Park’s websit.

After the water show you can dive into Lima’s historical center and walk around The Plaza Mayor and the Plaza San Martin. The old buildings with the European architecture and the lights are going to make you fall in love with Lima.

A good night out always comes with a drink, so go to one of the traditional bars around the area for a round of Pisco Sour, Peru’s national drink.

When you finish your Pisco you can explore the local neighborhood to find some street food vendors for some delicious treats.

As a last stop you can visit Barranco, the bohemian district. You will love Barranco’s nightlife, and the best way to enjoy it is in an old traditional bar with a Chilcanos, another drink made of Pisco.

Before going home you can take short walk around Barranco and enjoy the cultural and artistic scene. 

If you want to know Lima’s nightlife with us book our Lights, Pisco & Fun tour here.

Larco Museum Lima Peru

6. City tour and Museums

If you like history and Museums, this tour is for you!

Start the day with a visit to Larco Museum in Pueblo Libre, probably one of the best museums in Peru, we are pretty sure you are going to enjoy it. This place is amazing not only because you will learn about the Pre-Incas Cultures, Larco is also a place with a beautiful architecture and colorful gardens. After your visit you can go have lunch in their restaurant with the view of the gardens.

After Larco museum visit the historical center of Lima. Here you can visit The “Plaza Mayor” or the “Plaza de Armas”. Nearby, your will find the San Francisco convent and the Catacombs. This place has a mix of Culture, History and Mystery.  Over here you will see how art was used by the Spanish to teach religion to the native Peruvians.

To finish the day you can visit a place not many people visit: the Memorial Museum. Here you will learn about Peruvian history of violence during the 80’s and 90’s and see how Peru has changed into the country you see nowadays.

If you want to dive into Peru’s history with us book our Past & Present Peru Tour here

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